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Soto and Zimmerman Derail the Cole Train

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  Hi all.  Here's how I saw game 1 of the World Series last night, a 5-4 win by the Nationals over Houston.  As good as Gerrit Cole has been since May 22, (19 wins and 6 no-decisions in 25 starts, no losses) he hadn't faced Juan Soto when Soto was on a roll--until last ...

Bronx Fail, Yes–but Not Epic Bronx Fail

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  Hi all.  While last night's loss that kept the Yankees out of the World Series was painful, there's no reason to believe it will be remembered 15 years from now.  If you go back 15  years,  (not recommended for Yankee fans) you find the ultimate Bronx Fail--the only team to have a 3 games ...

Wrong Night to Get Caught in Traffic

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  Hi all.  Here's how I see baseball before game 6 of the ALCS.  Time after time this year I've written about low-scoring games that lasted through 7 innings, then exploded in all directions.  Friday night's game was the exception that proved the rule.  All 5 runs in the Yankees' 4--1 win were scored in ...