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Why Can’t This Happen as Baseball Opens Today? With the baseball season bare hours away, I’m reminded of an old joke. Today’s column will be a reverse on that old joke.

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The joke is about a man who was ordering breakfast at the diner.  "Give me runny scrambled eggs, burnt bacon, cold toast and cold coffee."  His waitress said "We couldn't do that."  To which the customer said "That's what you did yesterday!"  Here's the reverse.  Something happened ...

Just One Voice Singing in the Darkness

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Hi all.  With a week to go before official Opening Day,  I'm going to do something completely different.  I'm going to share the words of a far better wordsmith than I, with no edits on my part.  Not long ago I wrote my opinion of the changes that are coming to ...

The Times in Baseball They Are A-Changin’

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Hi all.  Here's how I see baseball on this Thursday, March 14.  Traditionally baseball has been the most resistant to change of any sport out there.  Both college and pro football routinely changes their rules more often than Taylor Swift changes boyfriends. Now, MLB and the union have agreed on changes, some of which ...