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A few days ago, correspondent Jesus Millan, a teacher from Avon Park, Florida asked me if he might start his own Thursday contribution which would appear in this forum.  I accepted his request based on several items he had written for the Facebook group Baseball As I See It, which all may join. His first regular feature follows:

Welcome to the debut Edition of Thursday Heat.  I’m Jesus Millan.   I’m excited to do this article with you every Thursday and talk about my First Sport,  my Most passionate sport Baseball. Today’s Topic is about the Players who have great numbers who are not in The Hall of Fame in Cooperstown Players who Experts Talk about bring up but some of the Writers don’t get their vote which is sad I’m gonna mention 3 Great Players who should be in Cooperstown and should get the recognition  they  deserve.

I’ll  Start with Dale Murphy CF 1B of the Atlanta Braves, Phillies and Rockies.   Dale’s Numbers  are incredible and a good Study to look at if you want to talk about his career using Sabermetrics which were unknown when he played.

avg .285 Hits 2,111 HRs 398 RBIs 1,266 Questionable numbers using Sabermetrics to some writers but look below and you will see.

Note He is the first Back to Back NL MVP since Ernie Banks in 1958-59 (1982-83) numbers speak for themselves. Most of all he played it clean and Natural,  no PEDs a true 5 tool player through and through and a Prime 9 (MLB Network) list of the center fielder  of the 80s.

next comes Jack Morris.   Yes he had a High ERA of 3.00 but he is the winningest pitcher of the 80s, twice  wins leader in his league,  1983 AL Strikeout Leader not to mention he has a no hitter.  he was a pressure Pitcher when the game was on the line he will beat you out.

And last but certainly not least and yes he should be in The HOF despite everything he when through and the 26 years that he has been banned from  the game and lied to the whole world but when he was  a player he passed Ty Cobb to become the All Time Hit King (4,256) and completely transcended the Game.  He  was the Face and the leader of the Big Red Machine that won Back to Back World Series in 1975-76 He won the World Series with the Phillies in 1980.   he was the 1973 NL MVP and played with the likes of HOFers like Bench,  Morgan, Perez and Mike Schmidt.   He  had a great career as a player that would have been  HOF Bound. Forget really what he did as a Manager betting for his team and paid a great deal of Punishment for it.   we should forgive him for what he did,  he has been hurt a lot these past 26 Years.   and now with the Sole Induction to the Reds HOF just announce I’m proud to say and believe that its time that Peter Edward Rose should take his place in Cooperstown.   Baseball is starting to forgive him now and I think we should too. God Bless.”

The preceding was a special contribution from Jesus Millan.  While I don’t agree with his take on Pete Rose in particular, I will gladly accept his future contributions. He will be this column’s correspondent for the upcoming Caribbean World Series.  When I receive them,  I will publish the words of John William Greenbaum, filling in and writing the column I normally would have written this morning.



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