In Memoriam and Remembrance to almost 3,000

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Hi all.

There will be no baseball column today. I don’t want to write one and you don’t want to read one.

This is a day to remember the Americans  who fell on 9/11/2001. More than 2700 at the World Trade Center, more than 100 at the Pentagon, and 40 on Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania because a few brave passengers gave their lives to keep it from going to the White House or the Capitol Building, or wherever the inhuman monsters who had control of that plane wanted to send it.

To all of them R I P

To the rest of us Americans, we must remember this horrific deed was done because there are people in the world who hate Americans.

These people  hate military and civilian Americans, old and young and baby Americans, and there were Americans of every kind who were murdered 15 years ago today.

Let us remember them all today and pray such a thing may never happen again in this greatest country in the world.


Don Wardlow



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