In Memoriam, Chris Cannizzaro 1962 Met

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Hi all.  On this New Year’s Eve, I wasn’t going to burden you with yet another list of the players the game has lost in 2016.  Those lists are everywhere.  But a 1962 Met died yesterday after all the lists had been made out, so I thought a mention of him was in order.

Chris Cannizzaro was a catcher from 1960–1974, and a Met from 1962-65. He was both an original Met and an original Padre, being taken twice in the expansion draft. with the Padres he was an All-Star in 1969. He caught 59 of the 160 games played by the Mets and was one of a good many catchers they employed in that horrific season. R I P

Things have been quiet around the game during the holidays.  Other than Edwin Encarnacion  signing with the Indians and Ivan Nova signing a lengthy extension with the Pirates, not much else has happened around the game.  As the new year starts, the first major baseball news will be who does (and of course who doesn’t) get into the Hall of Fame, and if I haven’t spoken to you before then I certainly will when that becomes public knowledge.

Happy New Year to one and all.  If you’re out tonight, as I will be, drive safely or else  choose a designated driver.  (not me please.)



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