We’re Back! Baseball, We’ll Be There For You

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Hi friends. After a long silence, this site is back!
When the majors andm inors return, I’ll be here to write their new stories.
The best thing to happen since this site went down was an agreement between the players and the owners not_ to strike in 2021.
That was my worst fear once MLB shut down on March 13.
I feared the geniuses who thought nothing of striking in 1981 and 1994 would think nothing of striking in 2021 even if there was no 2020 season.
Their agreement was one of the few times in my life that I was glad to be 100% wrong.
Like all of us, most times when I’ve been wrong, I have had to pay and pay dearly.
This was the exception.
Nobody knows if there will be a 2020 season. I urge anybody who reads this piece to join my Facebook group
Baseball As I See It.
There, I will share a game from baseball’s glorious past every Saturday and Sunday afternoon until or unless the 2020 season opens for real.
If a major baseball story breaks, I will write about it here.
Thanks to my brother Bob, this site is up again.
It’s great to be back.

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  • Bob Wardlow
    April 2, 2020

    Welcome back Don! I hope the season can start soon.

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